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YoRHa 2B Attire - UUNP - BHUNP LE

This mod requires files from YoRHa 2B Attire - TBD


YoRHa No.2 Type B Attire for BHUNP and UUNP based on our dear 2B from NieR: Automata designed by Akihiko Yoshida. The SMP versions are included. Everything with high resolution textures and customizable with Bodyslide. All made from scratch, nothing was ripped from the original game.


- Default and open chest leotard versions as well as with or without sleeves.

- Equipable Skirts.

- 2B hair wigs.

- Virtuous Contract and Virtuous Treaty swords.

- 4k-2k black and white outfit textures.

- SMP version has skirt and hair physics.


We recommend using MO2 or Vortex to install it. - Download and install BHUNP or UUNP bodies. - Download and Install the texture files from YoRHa 2B Attire - TBD. They are listed under Miscellaneous files called "YoRHa 2B Attire LE Textures - Resources" - Download and install Bodyslide. - Download and install this mod. - Craftable at the Skyforge in Whiterun or use AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer to obtain the items.



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