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Wraith Tongues SE

This mod adds static tongues for you to use with your poses! Make creepy portraits in a heartbeat. Comes in a total of 19 different poses to be equipped and unequipped at any time. Uses slot 55.








Download the NiOPA version if you use NiOPA. If not, choose the Skinned version. Install with a mod manager of your choice - or alternatively, install manually. This mod can be placed anywhere in the load order.



Add into your inventory through console or AddItemMenu and equip. I highly recommend using them in conjunction with NiOverride Pose Adjustments, especially if you plan on posing characters in general. This enables you to rotate and move each tongue independently from the head allowing for use in almost any pose.



Is there an SLE Version? Yes, it's available for SLE here. What mods are compatible? This mod is compatible with all mods except different versions of itself. Load order position is irrelevant. There are no known issues. Will you make any more? I might update it with more variations later on if I find anything not already covered. There may also be an update to the textures at some point. Why are the tongues clipping through my lips/nose? Everyone positions their mouths differently which is why I recommend the use of NiOPA to get around this. Why won't the tongues move when I use NiOPA/Why are the tongues stuck in the ground? You're using the wrong version for your game.



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