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Wet Function Redux SE

Wet Function Redux SE 💦


  • PapyrusUtil SE 3.7

  • SKSE64 1.5.80 or older

  • SkyUI SE 5.0+

  • RaceMenu SE or download Racemenu SE and extract the RM bsa file and install only the nioverride.pex and the skee-dll/ini from it (ECE users)


not required, but strongly recommended

  • CBBE: Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment (textures only)

  • UNP: Textures by bola08

  • Male: Wet function redux - male textures

Optional mods (with integration)

  • SexLab SE

  • SexLab Aroused Redux SE

  • Devious Devices SE BETA

  • ZaZ Animation Pack SE

  • Frostfall SE 3.4+


  1. Install everything

  2. Start game and go into MCM menu of Wet Function Redux

  3. Open Targets

  4. Select Player

  5. Click Start effect

  6. Go back into the game (close all menus)

Experiment a bit by:

  1. Go back into the Targets menu

  2. Select the player as target (if not already)

  3. Screw around with the values

  4. Go back into the game and wait for them to update (2 seconds by default)

Additional Features

  • Support for texture swapping on male targets:

    • own set of textures - does not interfere with female textures

    • SOS SE support

    • diffuse texture swapping - for different details while wet (body hair)

[*]A lot of sources for wetness, each with its own rate of wetness generation

  • stamina & magica usage (as before but with separate rates)

  • sprinting

  • running

  • sneaking

  • galloping

  • working (mining, chopping wood, any blacksmith work)

  • weather influence

    • pleasant

    • cloudy

    • rainy

    • snow

    • interiors/other

[*]SexLab SE (if installed)

  • base rate during scenes

  • increasing rate with each stage

  • orgasm modifiers

  • victim modifiers

[*]SexLab Aroused Redux SE (if installed)

  • increasing rate with arousal

  • threshold above which the textures with wet pussy effect may be used

[*]ZaZ/Devious Devices SE (if installed)

  • rate from vibration, increasing with strength

  • orgasm caused by device

  • edged by device

[*]Frostfall SE (if installed)

  • drying when near fire (scales with fire size)

  • separate weather influence for rainy and snow when in shelter

[*]Effect can be applied to any number of NPCs

  • view current values and modify wetness

  • can force a constant wetness and specular-/glossiness-strength

[*]Auto-apply the effect:

  • to (options):

    • every NPC

    • followers

    • Participants in a SexLab scene (with option for the player scene only)

    • NPC wearing something that is flagged by:

      • ZaZ: Ankles, Belt, Blindfold, Bra, Collar, Device, Gag, Hood, Wrist, Yoke

      • Devous Devices: Lockable, Armbinder, ArmCuffs, Belt, Blindfold, Boots, Bra, Clamps, Collar, Corset, Gag, Gloves, Harness, Hood, LegCuffs, PiercingsNipple, PiercingsVaginal, Plug, PlugAnal, PlugVaginal, Suit, Yoke

[*]naked NPCs

[*]auto-removes itself if:

  • not refreshed (no save-game bloat)

  • the player is not nearby

  • the model is/was unloaded

[*]can auto-fix broken effects (does not need other features to be enabled) [*]can be controlled as any normal effect [*]uses PapyrusUtil instead of cloak spells/quests: efficient and can't cause the brawl bug

[*]Global wetness rate multiplier [*]NPC-only global wetness rate multiplier and bonus (for AI lethargy compensation) [*]Support for head texture swapping (textures are not included in the linked texture sources) [*]Export/Import all settings

Using custom textures

When dry, the default textures of the body are used (you may want to use non-sweaty/glossy variants). To use custom sweaty textures just replace the following files with your according textures.

Folder: Textures\Actors\Character\WetFunction Files:

  • not included in original texture pack






  • the diffuse texture


Body textures are present with different detail effects, where each D, S, P is 1 if the corresponding effect is active in this variant else 0

  • D: droplet effect

  • S: sweat effect

  • P: pussy effect (wet crotch)

Tip: For faster replacing of the body texture, just replace the variant and disable the droplet and pussy effect in the MCM menu (visuals).

Known Issues

  • On affected NPCs the game may just remove the effect partially on cell change (this is a known Skyrim bug). nop0x90 implemented a workaround that fixed this problem in his test cases. The bug can still be provoked.

  • Using head texture swapping will cause brief visual glitches when swapping the texture.

  • In some cases (certain presets/followers) the effect won't show up despite them being correctly applied by the mod.

  • Changes of a NPCs sex will only be detected after stopping and restarting the effect on the target.


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Feb 21, 2022

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