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[Stoneheart] Dolphin Outfit

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Dolphin Outfit by StoneHeart, featuring a unique sportswear outfit for Skyrim LE & Skyrim SE. The outfit comes with UUNP LE bodyslide support by Deedlitz, and CBBE SE, TBD SE, BHUNP SE & LE bodyslides support by Daymarr.


--- Requirements --- UNP or CBBE body textures XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE or LE Version HDT-SMP SE or CBPC or LE Version BodySlide & Outfit Studio SE or BodySlide & Outfit Studio LE (Optional)


--- How To Get ---

The outfit can be obtained via crafting at any forge or by using AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer or LE Version

Dolphin Black Choker

Dolphin Black Nails

Dolphin Black Socks

Dolphin Dark Pants

Dolphin Dark Top

Dolphin Korea Pants

Dolphin Korea Top

Dolphin Natural Pants

Dolphin Natural Top

Dolphin Navy Pants

Dolphin Navy Top

Dolphin Pants

Dolphin Shoes

Dolphin Top

Dolphin White Choker

Dolphin White Nails

Dolphin White Socks


--- Credits --- Sesami, SexyBono, Musiclover542, Zero, CrimsonSky, Deedlit-z, Pono, Ethyl, r1Goodwin, Pumpkin, Ice36, Okame28, and Kuro for testing and their awesome mod page screenshots!



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