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Mini Bikini - CBBE-TBD SE

Mini Bikini - CBBE-TBD SE

A bikini mod featuring over 46 unique bikini and accessories for Skyrim SE



Mini Bikini

Mini Bikini 01 Black

Mini Bikini 01 Blue

Mini Bikini 01 Flower

Mini Bikini 01 Pink

Mini Bikini 01 Red

Mini Bikini 01 White

Mini Bikini 01 Yellow

Mini Bikini 02 Black

Mini Bikini 02 Blue

Mini Bikini 02 Pink

Mini Bikini 02 White

Mini Bikini 02 Yellow

Mini Bikini 04

Mini Bikini 05

Mini Bikini 07 Black

Mini Bikini 07 Gold

Mini Bikini 07 Red

Mini Bikini 07 Silver

Mini Bikini 07 White

Mini Bikini 09 Black

Mini Bikini 09 Blue

Mini Bikini 09 Pink

Mini Bikini 09 Silver

Mini Bikini 09 White

Mini Bikini 10 A

Mini Bikini 10 B

Mini Bikini 10 C

Mini Bikini 10 Silver

Mini Bikini Caviar Black (From Doa3X)

Mini Bikini Caviar Purple (From Doa3X)

Mini Bikini Caviar White (From Doa3X)

Mini Bikini CaviarNet Black (From Doa3X)

Mini Bikini CaviarNet Purple (From Doa3X)

Mini Bikini CaviarNet White (From Doa3X)

Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Bra Black

Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Bra Purple

Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Bra White

Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Pants Black

Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Pants Purple

Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Pants White

Mini Bikini Heart Bikini 01


Omake Anklets

Omake Anklets Alt

Omake Armlets

Omake Bracelets

Omake Bracelets B

Omake C-string

Omake C-string B

Omake Collar

Omake Glasses Black

Omake Glasses Black B

Omake Glasses Blue

Omake Glasses Blue B

Omake Glasses Pink

Omake Glasses Pink B

Omake Gold Accessories Armlets

Omake Gold Accessories Neck

Omake Gold Accessories Pierce A

Omake Gold Accessories Pierce A Body

Omake Gold Accessories Pierce B

Omake Gold Accessories Sandals

Omake Gold Accessories Thigh L

Omake Gold Accessories Thigh R

Omake Gold Accessories Thighs

Omake Gold Accessories Wrist Rings

Omake Head Phones 01

Omake Head Phones 02

Omake Head Phones 03

Omake Head Phones 04

Omake Head Phones 05

Omake Heels

Omake Heels 2

Omake Hutomomo Accessory

Omake Nippless 01

Omake Nippless 02

Omake Nippless 03

Omake Pierce A

Omake Pierce B

Omake Rings

Omake Tattoo Choker Ankle

Omake Tattoo Choker Neck

Omake Tattoo Choker Wrist

OmakeTshirt 01 A

OmakeTshirt 01 B

OmakeTshirt 02 A

OmakeTshirt 02 B

OmakeTshirt 03 A

OmakeTshirt 03 B

OmakeTshirt 04 A

OmakeTshirt 04 5

OmakeTshirt 05 A

OmakeTshirt 05 B

OmakeTshirt 06 A

OmakeTshirt 06 B



The latest Bodyslide (Optional) HDT-SMP or CBPC (For Boobs and Butt Jiggle)


- INSTALLATION - 1. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM, MO2, or Vortex if manually then extract the file into SkyrimSE's Data folder). 2. Obtain in-game via crafting at any forge (elven smiting perk required), using console command or by using AdditemMenu SE 3. The default body is CBBE Curvy or TBD Zero Sliders. If you wish to customize your shape then read on. 4. Download and install the Bodyslide and Outfit Studio utility. 5. Open the BodySlide utility. Search for "CBBE SE - Goma's..." or "TBD SE - Goma's..." 6. Tweak the sliders to your liking, or use a preset that you have already created.


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1 Comment

David Rosenberg
David Rosenberg
Mar 10

So this mod was removed from console. Because I had it on my mod list and was using it. Now it's no longer there, and NO I didn't delete it

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