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Mayu Ao Dai Dress - CBBE-TBD SE

An Ao Dai dress by Mayuu, featuring a Vietnamese traditional long dress in 15 different textures designs with bra, pants, and panties in white and red colors. The outfit comes with CBBE SE and TBD SE bodyslides support with the main dress featuring HDT-SMP cloth physics.



--- How To Get ---

The outfit set can be obtained via crafting at any forge (Elven Smithing Perk Required) or by using AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer [Mayu] Body 01 [Mayu] Body 02 [Mayu] Body 02-2 [Mayu] Body 03 [Mayu] Body 04 [Mayu] Body 05 [Mayu] Body 06 [Mayu] Body 07 [Mayu] Body 08 [Mayu] Body 09 [Mayu] Body 10 [Mayu] Body 11 [Mayu] Body 12 [Mayu] Body 13 [Mayu] Body 14 [Mayu] Panty (Red) [Mayu] Panty (White) [Mayu] Pants (White) [Mayu] Pants (Red) [Mayu] Top (Red) [Mayu] Top (White)



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