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Highleg Leotard LE/SE

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

A made from scratch outfit by Shimaneko and Haijin, featuring a unique Gymnastics Leotard Set in 8 different designs. The outfit comes with CBBE 3BA, TBD SE, and COCOBody B LE/SE bodyslides support.


Sexybono, Sesami, Deedlit-z, Pumpkin, CrimsonSky, ConanTnT, Samsara, Konjac, Aero, MeoU, Born, Ethyl, Chilli, Miiya, Bajicon, and Deska for testing and their awesome mod page screenshots!


CBBE 3BA Download
TBD SE Download
COCOBody UUNP SE Download
COCOBody UUNP LE Download

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