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Grand Scarlet Kunoichi By Paul Scott - CBBE SSE - CBBE 3BA - TBD - BHUNP

--- Description ---

A fantastically design and high quality outfit

created by the great 3d artist Paul Scott!

Paired with an awesome katana and sheath by Vincent Czapla.

You can find their other works here:

Brought to Skyrim by Adreno𝖈𝖍𝖗𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝒳, Daymarr, and ODD.


--- Requirement ---

CBBE or UNP body textures



---How To Get---

The clothing and light armor variants of the outfit set can be obtained via crafting at any Tanning Rack, or by using AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer

[ODD] Grand ScarletKunoichi Top

[ODD] Grand ScarletKunoichi Chest Armor

[ODD] Grand ScarletKunoichi Shoulders

[ODD] Grand Scarlet Kunoichi Shoulders (No Necklace)

[ODD] Grand ScarletKunoichi Hair

[ODD] Grand ScarletKunoichi Gauntlets

[ODD] Grand ScarletKunoichi Pants

[ODD] Grand ScarletKunoichi Boots

[ODD] Grand ShadowKunoichi Top

[ODD] Grand ShadowKunoichi Chest Armor

[ODD] Grand Shadow Kunoichi Shoulders

[ODD] Grand ShadowKunoichi Shoulders (No Necklace)

[ODD] Grand ShadowKunoichi Hair

[ODD] Grand ShadowKunoichi Gauntlets

[ODD] Grand ShadowKunoichi Pants

[ODD] Grand ShadowKunoichi Boots

Pics by Paul Scott



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