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DrSlumpX Milkmaid Outfit - CBBE - UUNP - BHUNP

--- Description ---

A milky maid outfit created by DrSlumpX.

You can find his other works here:

Brought to Skyrim by Boombox, Daymarr, and ODD.


--- Requirement ---



The clothing and light armor variants of the outfit set can be obtained via crafting at any Tanning Rack, or by using AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer

[Odd] MilkMaid Top

[Odd] MilkMaid Bottom

[Odd] MilkMaid Ears

[Odd] MilkMaid Collar

[Odd] MilkMaid Wrists

[Odd] MilkMaid Apron

[Odd] MilkMaid Thighs

[Odd] MilkMaid Heels

[Odd] MilkMaid One Piece Bikini

[Odd] MilkMaid Wrist 2



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