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--- Description ---

A made from scratch outfit by COCO, featuring a unique Roman style outfit. The outfit comes with CBBE SE, TBD SE, and BHUNP bodyslides support with the skirt featuring HDT-SMP cloth physics.



UNP or CBBE body textures

Heels Sound SE (Optional)


--- How To Get ---

The outfits can be obtained via crafting at any forge (Elven Smithing Perk Required) or by using AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer

[COCO]Lady Gladiator Bra

[COCO]Lady Gladiator Belt

[COCO]Lady Gladiator Boots

[COCO]Lady Gladiator Swing (SMP)

[COCO]Lady Gladiator Gloves

[COCO]Lady Gladiator Swing

[COCO]Lady Gladiator Arm

[COCO]Lady Gladiator Bra (Damaged)


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1 Comment

Aug 07, 2021

Hi, I fell immediately in love with this outfit and downloaded it. I am running Skyrim LE and I guess this wont work in LE. I was hoping since the BHUNP didn't seem to be associated with SE that it might work. WHen donning it I am wearing a very large red triangle. This is what also shows in the item preview in my inventory.

Also WHat is the skin texture on this image?,h_1080,al_c,q_95/f1ed6c_afbf2d784b2a4d81b74991dcff946467~mv2.webp

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