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A made from scratch outfit by COCO, featuring a unique outfit wore by Ahri in LoL music video, "K/DA - More". The outfit comes with CBBE SE, TBD SE, and BHUNP bodyslides support with COCO's new 3BBB body included. The hair and tail comes with HDT-SMP cloth physics.



UNP or CBBE body textures

Heels Sound SE (Optional)


--- How To Get ---

The outfit can be obtained via crafting at any forge (Elven Smithing Perk Required) or by using AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer [COCO] AHRI AO Top [COCO] AHRI AO Bra [COCO] AHRI AO Ear [COCO] AHRI AO Hair [COCO] AHRI AO Hair (SMP) [COCO] AHRI AO Glove [COCO] AHRI AO Arm Diamond [COCO] AHRI AO Tail [COCO] AHRI AO Belt Diamond [COCO] AHRI AO Neck [COCO] AHRI AO Belt [COCO] AHRI AO Nails [COCO] AHRI AO Panties [COCO] AHRI AO Skirt [COCO] AHRI AO Heels


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King Grooticas
King Grooticas
25 dic 2023

the TBD version of this is no longer there if its ok would it be alright to add the download on here?

Me gusta
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