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[COCO] Body V6.8 3BBB LE & SE Ultimate

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

COCO Body V6.8 3BBB Standalone for skyrim LE and SSE


★COCOBODY V6 and Skin patch installation priority >Higher than>other physics plugins>Higher than> XP32 maximum skeleton >Higher than> Schlongs of Skyrim >Higher than> Other 3BBB body mods >Higher than> Integrated MOD.

Clothing mods don't need to consider the installation priority.

COCOBODY V6 contains V5, V4, V3, V2, you can uninstall the old cocobody.


★If you have physics problems using CocoBodyV6

You can try this solution:

1) Remove any body mod installations first

2) Then delete this folder in the overwritten or original directory of the game


3) Delete these 4 files in this folder (Data\SKSE\Plugins )

hdt.xml , hdt3bbb.xml , hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml , hdtVagina.xml

4)Reinstall COCObody V6 ( )

After you use cocobodyV6 normally, then install bhunp or other body MOD , keep the installation priority of cocobodyV6 is the highest.

In theory, there is no problem for them to install at the same time, but the installation priority of cocobodyV6 is the highest.

Because only one naked body can be used in the game ,I suggest that after you built all the outfits bodyslide files , please cancel the body shape mod you don't use in the mo manager.

For example: you use cocobody in the game, after built the bodyslide files of all clothing, cancel bhunp MOD in the mo/nmm manager.


Regarding COCObody skin patches, you can use texblend to blend the labia textures or install the skin patch I provided (You need to install the original skin MOD and then install the skin patch)

[ 2022.1.10 ] COCO 3BBB V6.8 updated (LE+SE)

Hey guys ,I added the option of SMP+CBPC physics mixing in cocobody v6.6 SSE , I highly recommend you to use this option ,this is the final version.

  • Fixed 'osp' data errors and Racemenu sliders

  • Improved the smoothness of each preset mesh

  • The clothing reference mesh was remade

  • Improved the physics parameter of Vagina , Anus (LE & SE)

  • Improved the physics parameter options of CBPC

  • SMP physics control : Breasts ,Vagina ,Anus ( SE )

  • CBPC physics control : Legs ,butts ,belly (butts ,belly collision) ( SE )

  • Added more skin patch options (Please download and install them separately)

Installation Requires the latest XP32 maximum skeleton LE Requires Bodyslide LE Requires the latest XP32 maximum skeleton SE Requires CBPC physics plugin for SE CBBE and UUNP are included(body A=CBBE ,body B=UUNP) After installation, you need to open bodyslide to build body shape. You may need to create a new bodyslide body shape preset !!! If you choose PE hdt or CBPC hdt ,please build these in Bodyslide

[COCO 3BBB V6]Body [COCO 3BBB V6]Feet [COCO 3BBB V6]Hands If you choose SMP hdt ,please build these in Bodyslide

[COCO 3BBB V6]Body [COCO 3BBB V6]Feet [COCO 3BBB V6]Hands [COCO 3BBB V6]ObectA [COCO 3BBB V6]ObectB [COCO 3BBB V6]ObectC [COCO 3BBB V6]ObectD [COCO 3BBB V6]ObectP

Find 'COCOAddonMCM' in the MCM ,tick spells , and use spell to add body physics in the game

3BBB Physics Toggle - Player for your character 3BBB Physics Toggle - A Cup for NPC 3BBB Physics Toggle - B Cup for NPC 3BBB Physics Toggle - C Cup for NPC 3BBB Physics Toggle - D Cup for NPC

If you have any questions, please let me know :3 [Credits] BHUNP ,COCO, Daymarr ,清欢

[Download] You can also consider supporting COCO's patreon to get more rewards , with your help, She can bring more good works , thanks for your help ! [Preview]

  • Added optional physics parameters

The new sliders



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18 Kommentare

08. Aug. 2023

even with the patch the labia has no textures, the outer part does but the ones that are labeled labia are still grey and has writing on it.. great mod though I use it quite a lot

Gefällt mir

21. Jan. 2023

эй Автор что за обман тут версия тока на SE где на LE

Gefällt mir

Fury Q
Fury Q
19. Jan. 2023

I have used all the female body replacrers for the girls in my Skyirm. For the way I play and the mods I use this body is by far the best. A lot of work and care went into this and I wat to say. Great work. "G"

Gefällt mir

16. Dez. 2022

It became very interesting, when will COCO Body v7 be released?

Gefällt mir
16. Dez. 2022
Antwort an

Most likely never, since the author has announced the release of a new version since the summer but does not release it and will not release it in the future. As the saying goes, enjoy what you have!

Gefällt mir

13. Sept. 2022

я завантажив і все робив по інструкції але ле відкрив гру виліт тестурами в мо чистий скайрім в стимі поставлю тіло свве 3д в зборку мо все запрацює ліліт і ті текстури працюют

Gefällt mir
16. Dez. 2022
Antwort an

I repeat for very stupid and constantly jumping (apparently on a dick) Khokhlov, you need to write only in English and no one will translate your stupid Ukrainian language.

Gefällt mir
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