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COCO Bloom Youth - CBBE-TBD SE

--- Description --- A made from scratch outfit by COCO, featuring 3 different designed outfits and accessories. The outfit and earrings comes with HDT-SMP support.


--- How To Get ---

The outfits can obtained via crafting at any forge (Elven Smithing Perk Required) or by using AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer

BloomYouth_top1 BloomYouth_top2 BloomYouth_top3 BloomYouth_skirt1 BloomYouth_skirt2 BloomYouth_skirt3 BloomYouth_shoe1 BloomYouth_shoe2 BloomYouth_shoe3 BloomYouth_hat1 BloomYouth_hat2 BloomYouth_hair1 BloomYouth_hair2 BloomYouth_glasses1 BloomYouth_glasses1 BloomYouth_earring BloomYouth_belt



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