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Birthplace of a Kitsune - SE

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

--- Description ---

Just a simple new location where people can take screenshot of their waifus(or husbands) or can just use it to for relaxation.

Lore-wise, this is a very old, overgrown and sacred place where a Kitsune was once born, it was her home, but she left it long ago to search for love, however her magic is still strong and continues to protect and provide growth to all the plants and animals in this place until her return.

Recently, a mysterious portal appeared somewhere between Fellburg and Fort Sungard, could it be the entrance to this place?


- (recommended)This mod was made using SFO Summer Edition II

- (recommended)2K/4k Skyrim textures, the mod uses various vanilla skyrim textures



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