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[Army] 2B Lingerie

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

2B Lingerie by Armistice, a unique outfit based on a drawing by Sciamano240. The mod comes with Body + Body Sexy + Gloves + Stockings + Boots in 2 colors and 4k textures.


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08 พ.ย. 2566

If you wear the CBBE SE version as sleepwear, you'll discover that the calves are missing; the problem is hidden by the boots, but visible without them. The various 'bra' ARMAs (only) need to take responsibility for texturing slot 38.

For the same reason, there's a gap at the wrists. The images posted were obviously not taken with this version of the mod, since they don't show a gap. The 'bra' ARMAs need to also claim slot 34.

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