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Aether Suite SE

A modern/futuristic location that hold many secrets for you to discover!


Welcome to the Aether Suite. A fancy name for the compilation of Halofarm's random imaginings over the past (insert far too large number here) of years, and a vague attempt to make it lore friendly. At least, about as lore friendly as a Japanese school and a cyberpunk town can get. More like lore accepting? Lore embracing? Trying its best not to offend lore in case lore stops calling it? Something like that.


The Aether Suite is made up of five modules:

Arclite Community College - An idealized representation of a Japanese school, as imagined by one very bored weeb. Comes in dry and rainy versions. Knox - A medium sized cyberpunk setting, as imagined by one very bored geek. Photographer's Studio - A studio designed specifically for the taking of character based screenshots. Hot Springs Hotel - Onsen! More weebishness. Back Rooms - Random Rooms for you to indulge your creative side. Your follower cannot travel to these rooms, and returning from them requires you to use the Aether Suite teleport to get back to the lobby.

Some clothing items in the Aether Suite use Equippable Transforms for their high heels. The requirement is not explicit, so it doesn't matter if you don't have it installed.


- Where to Enter -

Method #1

You'll find a spell tome poorly hidden under one of the beds in the upper level of the Hall of Attainment, in the College of Winterhold. Learn the spell, and zap yourself to the Aether Suite.

To get back, you must return to the lobby and activate the odd looking wall. This will take you to the Hall of Attainment.

Method #2

Download Additemmenu SE or type help "Aether Suite" in the console for the book/spell ID



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